PureDigest #10 Is The Purest And Most Potent Digestive Enzyme Formula Available To You.

This powerful digestive enzyme combination:

  • Purifies your blood (by breaking down the proteins that make your blood dirty in the first place).
  • Supports a healthy immune system (by delivering critical nutrients to all your body’s cells).
  • Keeps your cholesterol numbers where they should be (since the lipase enzyme breaks down any fat in your blood).
  • Enhances your energy, focus, and concentration (since your blood is clean, it’s able to easily carry life-giving oxygen to all the cells of your body).
  • Cleanses the colon (by fully breaking down your food so it can pass like it’s supposed to).
  • Helps you drop excess weight (by converting all the food we eat into energy, instead of fat).
  • Improves aging skin (by increasing blood supply).

Each bottle of PureDigest #10 contains 4 separate enzyme blends to help your system digest any type of food with ease.

The first blend is a Protein Digestion Blend:

Protease is the digestive enzyme that goes to work breaking down high-protein foods like eggs, meat, milk, and converting them into amino acids that your body can use. That’s why PureDigest #10 contains 2 forms of protease in this formula—3000 HUT of bacterial protease, plus an additional 75 SAPU of acid stable protease.

The 2nd blend is a Carbohydrate Digestion Blend:

Healthy carbohydrate digestion goes beyond energy. Your body also needs to be able to break down the sugar in your carbs. This allows for better glucose absorption which regulates your blood sugar levels. That’s why you’ll find glucoamylase as well as 2 types of amylase in this formula.

The 3rd blend is a Fiber Digestion Blend:

Cellulase is what breaks down fiber found in fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and plant material. And it also increases the nutrition you get from fruits and vegetables, keeping you regular and keeping your stool soft for easy and predictable bowel movements.

The 3 strongest forms of cellulase are all found in my fiber digestion blend in this formula.

The 4th and final blend is a Fat Digestion Blend:

Lipase is the digestive enzyme that breaks down all the fats you eat. It helps break down butter, olive oil, and cream in your coffee, for instance. Properly digested, fat from these foods can help ward off memory problems, keep your heart running smoothly, and more…but only if it’s digested properly. That’s what lipase does. Without lipase, your body goes from fat-burning mode, to fat-storing mode.

These enzymes are specially formulated and packed into an easy-to-swallow soft gel capsule, much like a fish oil capsule you might take today.

Simply take PureDigest #10 every day and heartburn is a thing of the past.