In your body’s great intelligence, it has many enzymes that are designed to literally break your food down and liquefy it…

And there are 3 digestive enzymes more important than any others:
The first is amylase which is used to digest carbohydrates like wheats, fibers and grains. Next, protease helps the body break down proteins like fish and meat. And finally, lipase breaks down the fats and oils.

Without proper levels of theses enzymes, your body is breaking down your food too slowly.

It should always leave your body as a liquid or near liquid state. If it doesn’t, then it stays solid, hardens up and sits in your stomach. It’s what’s causing that bloating feeling in your belly, but it goes further than that.

The reason the body breaks down foods in the first place is so that it can get nutrients from it. If your food sits solid and rotting in your stomach, then you’re taking nothing from that food. No new cells are able to grow, no energy is released, and you’re going to feel…

  • Indigestion and constipation….
  • Stomach pains followed by painful cramps that never seem to go away…
  • Heartburn…
  • …and that acid bubble that sits above your stomach but just won’t burst…

And it gets worse than that, because not only are you not getting proper nutrition…
That giant block of food that won’t digest is literally rotting and becoming toxic in your stomach.

It’s easy to see why food gets a lot of the blame for your digestive problems, but that’s because most people don’t understand…that Our 21st Century Lifestyles Are Destroying Our Life-Giving Enzymes.

Our poor dietary habits, fast food obsessions, and excessive intake of fat and sugar, all require huge amounts of enzymes just to digest our foods.

The stress of our busy lives wreaks havoc on our cells, forcing our enzyme-building machinery to work overtime to replace them.

Environmental pollution causes cellular damage and your enzymes are called upon again just to maintain your immune system.

And then you have the biggest enzyme killer of all: TIME. Just the process of living uses up enzymes that must be replaced if you expect to live a healthy and long life.

Every one of these factors diminishes our body’s capacity to act, to do, to feel the way we want to feel. And, as many reputable scientists will tell you, these factors may even shorten your life.

Natural, whole foods contain amounts of Amylase, Lipase, and Protease enzymes just like your stomach.

But modern cooking practices complicate this entire process. The way we cook food, grow food, and add chemicals to our food lowers the amount of enzymes in it.

This puts your stomach enzymes on double duty, making it harder to break down our foods.

The true key to strong, stable, and predictable digestion is simply replenishing your depleted enzymes.

What makes enzymes so incredible are all the amazing effects they have on other areas of your health:

They help to combat Food Intolerances…

People with low levels of enzymes have an increased chance of suffering from food allergies. In fact, many food allergies and intolerances are caused by undigested proteins, so improving your protein digestion with normal levels of Protease can make a big difference. Enzymes are especially effective at fighting allergies because they break down protein allergens which cause allergic reactions.

They Lower Inflammation And Boost Immunity

Enzymes help reduce the thickness of the blood, which improves your overall circulation. This has a big impact on how quickly your body can move harmful waste away from inflamed tissue, which speeds up the healing process.

And they even Speed Up Weight Loss

Danish scientists have discovered that lipase, one of the 3 most important digestive enzymes, doesn’t just break down fats, but also speeds up your metabolism to burn them. In fact, lipase works to keep your metabolism running longer – up to 45% longer in fact. And this increased fat-burning from lipase can help people who have a hard time losing weight from diet and exercise.

PureDigest #10 is a powerful combination that helps you break down any food you want to eat.

When you take it, your food is turned into the nutrients your body needs. Without PureDigest #10, your body can’t break the food down…so it sits there and rots, emitting toxins, causing gas and bloating, and giving you heartburn.

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