Scientists Are

If your biggest meal of the day leaves you feeling bloated, with a burning pain in your upper stomach… Or if your body switches between being “backed up” followed by painful diarrhea and you never know what’s coming next….

Then you probably think it’s the foods you’re eating that are causing your problem. In fact, your doctor has probably told you the same thing.

But the truth is: You Don’t Have An Indigestion Problem. You Have An Enzyme Problem.

There are literally thousands of digestive and metabolic enzymes deep inside your body that are at work this very second…

They’re critical to every biochemical reaction in the body and they act as catalysts speeding up your body’s crucial functions.

Without enzymes, these processes would take an extremely long time, and the body would never get what it needs to survive and stay healthy.

In fact, a recent study at UNC revealed that without enzymes, some important body functions would take 2.3 billion years to complete.

Enzymes help get the job done in milliseconds.

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